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Join Our Journey!


OFA (Our Favourite Agency) is an apparel and shoe brand agency that represents quality brands that tell real stories, full of heritage and history, sustainable (slow) fashion. These brands have character, elegance and quality lifestyle.

Our brands have either a proven history or are (relative) new but always stay humble and fight to innovate to be relevant in todays market.

Sustainability is very important for us and for our brands.

We stand for a longterm relationship, to stay real and take action where needed in order to lead to mutual success.

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GOLA is an internationally recognized brand, sporting its world-famous range of classic trainers, plimsolls, and iconic bags.

We are the tried-and-true choice of professionals and sports fans, and for good reason. Take your pick of anything from our retro trainers for men to our vintage women’s trainers and you’ll find high-quality as standard.

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Global inspiration teams up with contemporary British design to provide menswear that is distinctive and of high quality. Classic craftsmanship and attention to detail is married to the unique to make sure that with Far Afield the wearer and the creator go that one step further.

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This passion for footwear has started over 30 years ago and within time we understood we should do more than just making nice shoes and we started this commitment to help our planet reducing carbon footprint and the enormous quantities of waiste at same time.

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KLEMAN shoes have survived the fashion effects by offering a raw and authentic unisex style. Our models will charm both men and women who seek a certain efficiency in a pure and uncompromising style.

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The spirit of tantä is born out of the rainy basque environment and it represents a passionate search for excellence in the performance of materials, the simplicity of forms and the functionality of details.

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